(FRC) Site Operational Procedures and Checklists


(FRC) Site Operational Procedures and Checklists


Only available to Airborne Training candidates from PfCO6000 stage .

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The Onsite Operational Procedures and Checklists Booklet is a key component of the Airborne Training Operations Manual template.

The ability to easily reference your Ops procedures whilst onsite is invaluable and a very important part of operating under your PfCO. Our log books simplify this process.

Be ready for the CAA’s auditors by purchasing and using this booklet.

Please see reference to use of these booklets in PfCO6000 below.

(If you do choose to use the format of the manual that we have provided you will note that it contains references  to  pre-printed  booklets  for  Pilots  Log,  SUA  Inspection  and  Maintenance  and Site  Check Lists and Procedures together with a listing of equipment that you will load to take to site on each job.

The  safety  equipment list included  is  an  essential  part  of safe operation and you will need to have these items as a minimum. Some of the other items are optional but do only include the kit that you will actually buy and use rather than just copying the equipment list verbatim from the document.

We are able to supply you with all the necessary equipment, booklets and the insurance that you may need as a bundle together with a copy of the Operations Manual document noted above as an editable Word file which you can cut and paste to construct your own document. We are aware that there are a number of other example Operation Manual examples available on the internet which follow the same basic template and you may choose to base your submission on one of these if you wish.)