The Airborne Course SERIES

This PFCO course series is designed to be as flexible as possible in order to accommodate your individual lifestyle. 

It is divided into six modules designated PFCO 1000 to PFCO6000.

PFCO1000 to PFCO5000 are theoretical modules constructed in accordance with the CAA syllabus requirements for a Commercial Permission and are delivered as distance learning on line courses over the internet.

The SIX PFCO course modules are as follows:-


Complete the online theory course and get your course completion certificate.

Make a booking and then attend for your one day practical course session at our test centre in Bourne when it suits you.


This course gives you the best of all worlds:

Professional Tuition

The course is designed by and managed by experienced Military and Civil Aviators

The Best Value Available

You do not need to pay out over £1000 up front before you even start and there is no need to take out expensive loans for our PFCO course.

Buy the first module for only £30 inc VAT and see how you get on rather than risking a non-refundable amount up front. Alternatively buy the complete course series as single unit at a discount price, which is a fraction of the cost of other courses.

Or you can try the FREE sample course TRY 7000 with no obligation in order to see how the courses work and some sample content from each module.

Flexible Timescales

Learn at your own pace - The complete theory course series can be completed in only three days or you can take up to five months to complete the whole course.

Study on your computer or even mobile phone at home, at work or any other location.

Step by Step Approach

All the course modules are interactive so you can check your understanding of what you have learnt  by answering  prompted questions before moving on to the next section.

By testing yourself repeatedly in our courses, you will be confident that you will succeed when you decide you are ready to sit the exam.

Support as You Learn

Access our on-line support to get help if you need it and join the Airborne on line PFCO forum to chat to other students and instructors at any time

Then take just ONE day at a test centre to complete your theoretical check and flying test.


How to SIGN UP

Signing up to your PFCO Course with Airborne could not be easier.

Click HERE or on the VIEW COURSES button above to see the complete catalogue of courses available.

Launch your Commercial Training by selecting the Get this Course button for either

PFCO 1000 Module 1 - Air Law, Regulations and Responsibilities


PFCO 9000 The Complete Course Series


Select the free sample course TRY 7000 which will give you a feel for the course structure and try some sample content from each module with no obligation to purchase any course content. 

Click on the SIGN UP button from LOGIN or SIGN UP options.

(Note Once you are enrolled on a course you will follow the same View Courses > Get This Course route and then choose the LOGIN option using your selected user name and password)

Now complete the registration form and you will be directed to the payment screen

Complete your enrolment using your credit or debit card and then CHECKOUT

You will be allocated the course of your choice and see a Welcome Note and Terms of Service Screen. (Note that the Terms of Service are a requirement of the CAA for the PFCO Course and Permission)

Click OK Got it on the Welcome and ACCEPT the Terms of Service

You will then see your own Course Home page and you can start immediately by clicking on the course title. (Please note that the course series needs to be followed in order so if you are purchasing module by module make sure that you buy in sequence i.e PFCO 1000 then PFCO 2000 … etc)

Your course purchase will be confirmed to you by email.


What happens next?

We will send you a PFCO Welcome pack to your registered address that will include your FREE pilot's log book.

If you would like to discuss your options more fully or have any additional questions please call or email us.



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